This event will change the future of your business

Today, your business success depends on how well you tap the potential of technology.

SME Tech Summit is designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses, to give them the information, insights and tools to build success and outperform their competition.

This is the most efficient and effective way to learn what is new, how to apply it, and to create an awesome 2010 for your business.

Deeply practical topics covered include:

  • Using social media to attract customers and generate sales
  • Building an online presence so customers can easily find you
  • Generating revenue while you sleep with eCommerce
  • Selling effectively with email marketing
  • Leveraging your relationships with powerful CRM

See the complete agenda of compelling, valuable content and interaction.

Read the event blog with useful insights and articles.

Successful entrepreneurs and leading experts show you how to get results:

Featured speakers include:

Tim Pethick
Entrepreneur & Founder, Nudie

Mark Pesce103by130
Mark Pesce
Inventor, Writer,
Educator, Futurist
Phil Morle
Phil Morle
Suzi Dafnis
Community Director, Australian Businesswomen’s Network

David James
CEO & Director,
Brasserie Bread
Matt Barrie
Chief Executive, Freelancer.com
Matt Bateman
Managing Director,

Kate Carruthers
Digital Media Group
Dominic Thurbon
Dominic Thurbon
Managing Director,
The Centre for Skills Development
Steven Power
Steven Power

Josh Mehlman
Josh Mehlman
NETT magazine
Adam Franklin
Adam Franklin
Managing Director,
Bluewire Media

Join us on 1 December 2009 and see how technology can enhance your business operations, increase effectiveness, and ultimately enhance your relationship with your customers.

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