Secret Formula for Email Marketing Success – SME Tech Summit preview

By Adam Franklin

I sent my very first email marketing campaign in 2006 and I learnt two brutal lessons. One, how easy it is to stuff things up and, two, how few people actually read your email.

Since that time I have learnt that a 40-50 percent open rate is actually quite good and that our email campaigns are interesting enough to attract a click through rate that is five times the average.

In the SME Tech Summit workshop we’ll examine six common mistakes, I’ll reveal my secret formula for email marketing success and finally show you how it can all come together with a real life case study from Sydney weight loss company Hypoxi Australia.

If there are any questions you’d like to ask, please tweet me @Franklin_Adam

Sydney Web Design: Adam Franklin is Managing Director of Bluewire Media an ISO9001 quality assured digital agency. 1300 258 394.

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